Nov. '22 - Present
Activision Blizzard:

<Unannounced Survival Game>

Combat Designer & Gameplay Scripter

Delivering industry leading moment-to-moment gameplay.

Mar. '21 - Nov. '22
Bladework Games

Game Designer & Programmer

Unannounced - 3D 3rd Person Action Brawler

April '20 - Mar. '21
Detour Bus

Steam VR and Quest

Game Designer & Gameplay Scripter

Lead Game Designer on a nostalgic and wacky VR road trip.

Aug. '19 - Sep. '20
Beasts of Maravilla Island

Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation, & Steam

Lead Producer & Unity Developer

Discover the wonder of Maravilla Island in this wildlife photography game.

May '19 - Aug. '19
CoD Black Ops 4

Intern: Game Designer & Gameplay Scripter

Practiced AAA Quality Design Documentation and Prototyping skills and learned proprietary software and programming languages as needed.

Jan. '19 - Aug. '19

3D Environment Artist & Unity Developer

Responsible for background level art throughout 70% of the game and assisted the development of 2 minor scripted sequence.

Skylar Kelley's Resume as of 2023 in .PNG form

Experimental Game Projects

If Splatoon met Brawlstars in an arcade and had a neon colored animal themed baby this would be it.

A false memory of camping.

Seriously, this has a terrible jump scare and probably runs terribly on your computer. (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

[VSB] Vehicular Spin Ball
Pinball with a twist. You can spin the car and of course... its not ball so I hope this family has their seat belts on.

Cowcat: Meowdy Purrtner
"Hiss-terical", "Purr-ty", "Paw-some", "A real Cat-astrophy", "Purrfect"....
Yeah. We went there.
Just try it yourself. Seriously!

Microgravity: VR Racing
Fun/Feel Prototype
Haven't you ever wanted to fly a hoverbike?

I drew from my passions for VR and Motorcycles to create this awesome VR experience.

Custom Movement System designed for comfort and incredible game feel in VR.

Project Princess
Flip the genre on its head we said!
We did just that by doing the exact opposite of what any sane platformer would do... The female protagonist wall jumps her way toward her escape on the left of the world after her "hero" fails to save her. Take fate into your own hands! ...or was her name destiny?

The Gungan Tryst
A funky dating sim for a sith... lord? Wait what???

*Checking notes*

Oh yeah, no. Hes Definitely a sith.

Color Grinder
Colors + Speed + Moving World = Color Grinder!

Maybe closer to if Asteroids met Splatoon... Idk... What do you think?

Spirit Train
Game Feel Prototype
A relaxing journey across a glistening ocean scene.

Hot Air Balloons VR
Fun/Polish Prototype
Smack some hot air balloons away from danger!

Dig Dug: Remake
A Noobs attempt at a faithful remake of the first ten levels of Dig Dug.

Fast paced AR game where moving to the beat is a show of its own.

Mercive: Mira AR

The Moontower Experience
Immersive music video experience with emerging AR & VR technology!

Presidents Cabinet
So, you think being President is easy? You think solving world problems is easy?

Go ahead. We dare you...

Cutthroat WorkForce
Just an office game for productive office people.

Swipe Knights
Game Feel Prototype
A head to head swiping battle. Can you build a better deck than your opponent?

FPS/RTS Gameplay Exploration

Mallow Mansion
Like Musical chairs but with some spirits and marshmallow bodies!

The Oracle
A haunting past leads to an oracle in the woods...

Pedal Flipper
Progress Prototype
"It's just like riding a bike" - Me 2020

Pandemic Panic
Theme Prototype
This is the feeling of trying to get vaccines out to a population of people that don't wear masks.


Game Feel Prototype
Play with a very visceral knob and water state changes.

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